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We are happy to welcome you as a member of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.

Please look below at many of the benefits members of NCCJ can enjoy:

  • The opportunity to attend NCCJ’s events with prominent speakers from the world of business and politics.
  • Networking among colleagues in the business sector.
  • Possibility to market/profile their company in the Chamber business community.
  • Possibility to advertise on the web-site at cost.
  • The right to influence the NCCJ’s policy by recommending appointments to the Board and suggesting topics for events and discussions.

Membership Categories

In short have three categories for paying members; Corporate Membership, Individual Membership and Student Membership, in addition to an extra category; Honorary Membership.

  • Corporate members: will enjoy several corporate privileges (advertisement, invitation of guests, etc.), while individual members will not receive our corporate offerings. Companies or organizations with less than six full time employees in Japan can opt for the “B” category.
  • Individual members: will be invited to all our events.
  • Student members: will be invited to all our events. This category is applicable only for students.
  • Honorary members: are persons who have made significant contributions to promote trade between Norway and Japan.

Annual Membership Fees

Corporate A: ¥120,000
Corporate B: ¥60,000
Individual: ¥10,000

Joining Fee

The joining fee covers the membership charge for the remaining period of the year becoming a NCCJ member. The first ordinary annual fee will be due in April the following year. The joining fee is calculated by dividing desired membership category annual fee by 12 months, multiplied by the number of months remaining of the year of becoming a NCCJ member.

If you find the above interesting and wish to become a NCCJ member:

Registration is preferably done by including the requested information in an e-mail to our Executive Director Ms. Anette Y. Hansen:

Company or Institution’s Name (if applicable):
Main Contact Person’s Name:
Main Contact Person’s Title:
e-mail Address:
Office Phone:
Other Phone:
Postal Address:
Other members to be added to mailing list : Please indicate Name, Title and e-mail address.

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