Norway’s Prime Minister Visit to Japan – Summary

The Norwegian Prime Minister, Ms. Erna Solberg visited Japan in the period of February 13th – 15th.

Please find a compilation of links to articles, photos, speech transcripts and more.

Reporting in English

02.14> “Japan and Norway agree to jointly work against North Korea’s nuclear program”
Japan Times/

02.14> “Japan-Norway Summit Meeting and Other Events”
Cabinet Public Relations Office /

Speech Transcripts (English)

Transcript of Speech at Ochanomizu University by Prime Minister Solberg
02.14> Norwegian Goverment web-site /

Visit in Norwegian Media (Norwegian)

02.14> “Prime Minister in Japan; Meeting with Prime Minister Abe, and experienced making sushi”

02.14> “Prime Minister meeting today”

Visit in Japanese Media (Japanese)

02.15> “Meeting between PM Solberg and PM Abe”

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