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Rio Yamase Concert

15/03/2014 15:00
15/03/2014 17:00

Hardanger Fiddle (Hardingfele) and Violin Concert on March 15th, 2014

Hardanger fiddle or Hardanger Violin is a traditional string instrument from Norway with its origin from the Hardanger region.

Please find more information on: Hardanger Fiddle and Violin Concert.
Please note that information is available in Japanese only, and the below part is translated in short.

Date:     Saturday, March 15th.
Time:    Doors open 14:30, concert start 15:00
Venue: Shinjuku Bunka-Center Symphony Hall (東京都新宿区新宿6-14-1)

Rio Yamase (Violin and Hardanger fiddle)
Mari Nakamura (piano)
Christina Yamase (vocal and Hardanger fiddle)
Special appearance by the Aurora Quintet

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Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Shinjuku Mirai Souzou Dantai (Shinjuku Bunka Center)
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E-mail: bunka@regasu-shinjuku.or.jp

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