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New Year Club Evening at Andy’s

21/01/2014 19:00
21/01/2014 21:00
Close to Hibiya station, Japan

Pictures from “welcome back to work” Club Evening at Andy’s

Catching up is always exciting after the holidays!

14 people gathered around the “big table” at Andy’s on January 21.

What better way to start the new year and get back into the good old working rhythm than to visit the familiar Club Evening venue and popular izakaya for seafood lovers.

Andy’s Shin-hinomoto, conveniently close to Hibiya/Yurakucho station, comfortably nestled beneath the Yamanote-line railroad tracks. Be encouraged by the location! You won’t heard the trains over the buzzing conversation and laughter. Come join us the next time!

This is a past event

Date: Tuesday, January 21
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Venue: Andy’s Shin-hinomoto in Hibiya/Yurakucho (website)
Price: jpy 5,000 for food and drinks.

Please register your attendance in advance within January 17th to allow us to facilitate seats for all our guests: michal.berg@nccj.or.jp

Note sure if you can find it? Give us a call when you are getting close for directions 080-1294-1218.

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